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When I was a little girl I remember singing songs and listening to stories about Jesus.  Now that I’m an adult (rather young one at heart), I still enjoy songs about the Savior and hearing of how He has worked in the lives of others.  For that very reason I created this site – to share “the story” ... which is really, your story. 

Something the Lord revealed to me is that every time believer’s in Christ Jesus share their story of how they came to know Him as their Savior, we are actually sharing His story, the continued story of the works of God. 

I am excited to see how this site unfolds as I pass on messages that have been given to me about those who have journeyed by faith.  Over time I’ll tell “the story” of individuals that will pull at your heart strings, make you kick up your heels for joy, bend to your knees in prayer and reach out to others with tears of sorrow. 

Although we know our story will never be complete until we see Jesus, it’s wonderful to connect to others along the way for inspiration and loving support.

I'll tell your story, of Jesus and His love.

Do you have a story to share about how the Lord worked in your life?  I'd love to share it here.  Follow me on Facebook or Twitter and tell me about "The Story" you want to share.

It would bring me great joy to have this blog added to your “favored” list, and comments will be a source of encouragement to those who have shared their stories. 

Thank you for joining me as we journey through time story by story connecting each of us to the greatest story ever told – The Story of Jesus.

- The Story -

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